How can I start working as a translator for you?

Fill out the “job opportunity” form and our agency employee will contact you as soon as a suitable opportunity arises for sending a test translation.

Do I need a trade license to work for you?

Yes. A trade license is necessary for permanent cooperation with our agency.

How does Trados work?

Trados is software for CAT, Computer Aided Translation and is based on database architecture. TRADOS creates a Translation Memory, into which a pair of the original is recorded and the already translated segments. In the case that identical text is detected, either partial or complete, it offers the already translated segment to the translator.

How does Wordfast work?

Wordfast is software that uses translation memory technology, which operates under the Microsoft Word programme on PCs and Macs. Wordfast offers a transparent, open format for storing all data, however, at the same time it maintains compatibility with Trados and the majority of other CAT programmes. Not only can Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access documents be translated, but so can other numerous tagged documents.

What is CAT?

CAT is a group of programmes for computer aided translation (abbrev. CAT). CAT type tools compare the similarity of the translated source segment with all segments stored in the translation memory.

What is a court verified translation?

A court verified translation (official translation, translation with interpretation clause, verified translation, or a translation verified by a court interpreter) consists of a document in the source language and its translation into the target language. Translations with court verification are bound together with the source text, either the original document or its copy verified by a notary. A so-called interpreter clause with a round stamp of the court translator/interpreter of the appointed regional court, is attached to it. By appending his/her signature and stamp, the court translator/interpreter confirms the translation agrees with the text of the attached document. The interpreter’s clause is written in the same language as the translated document. Thereby, the document can also be used for authorities abroad.